A wild ride that’s easy on the wallet

SOURCE: Donggan Rafting

SOURCE: Donggan Rafting

I’m sure some of you thought your summer was boring. If that’s the case, I want to introduce you to Dong-gang Rafting in Gangweon Do. The reason? Just for your pleasure during your next summer vacation! In summer, people of all ages travel or go on vacation. They go to the beaches, rivers, valleys, and so on. However, many people worry about travel expenses — especially, students! I travel a lot and am also concerned about money. So, I highly recommend Dong-gang Rafting. If you go rafting in the summer, you can often get a discount. You can enjoy your summer without worrying about money! Also, there are 3-, 4- or 6-hour courses. You will have fun rafting with your family, friends or even strangers. It sounds really nice, doesn’t it? If you do decide to go rafting, here is an important tip to remember: go within two days after a heavy rain! The river will have more water in it, and it will be a better ride. Have fun!

Jini Han

Major: English Literature I'm from Suwon. I want to be an English master. Interests: watching movies, listening to music, singing, meeting people, taking pictures, and traveling.

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