Election week wraps up

Preparing to cast a vote in Shalom Hall (PHOTO: Lee Su-hyun)

Preparing to cast a vote in Shalom Hall
(PHOTO: Lee Su-hyun)

This week ends two weeks of student elections. Last week students voted for the president and vice president of the student council. This week students are voting for student presidents and vice presidents of the various departments at Kangnam University.

Some students take the elections seriously. “I am voting for a better tomorrow,” one student voter said. “Please make an effort for a better Kangnam University.”

Not all students, however, share that enthusiasm. “Students in our school seem indifferent to voting,” said Kim Tae-hun, a first-year social welfare major who has been working at the polls.

What should students do? Ha June-cheol, a first-year international commerce major, simply says, “Please vote!”

Lee Su-hyun

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