Basket System is an improvement that could be better

User interface for Kangnam University's new Basket System for course registration

User interface for Kangnam University’s new Basket System for course registration

The peace of summer vacation was interrupted by tension in July. Registering for 2nd semester courses made students nervous, particularly when using the university’s new course registration system which rolled out this summer. Nicknamed the “Basket System”, this new process was designed to resemble shopping. Students selected their courses just like they would shopping online: browsing and adding courses to a shopping cart then clicking to check out.

Previously students could only register for courses on a PC, but the new Basket System allows students to also register from their mobile device. To ensure better web traffic and security, the system no longer allows simultaneous logins by the same user from different devices.

Preliminary course registration began July 14. From the school’s website, students accessed the course registration interface. Students logged in then applied for their major courses and other required classes.

Main course registration began July 21. This process was on a first-come, first-served basis. As large numbers of students were on the website at the same time, many experienced long periods of buffering. Students verified their course wish list submitted the week before and chose courses according to their levels. Students whose choices were accepted were finished. Students who unable to apply for a course on time lost their chance for that day and had to repeat the process later.

The next round of course registration began July 24, and many students were eager for a second bite of the cherry. Some students simply gave up their chance at a course missed the previous time. Others simply chose other remaining classes. Once this course list was submitted, 2nd semester course registration was over.

The new Basket System was a considerable undertaking, and student opinion on it seemed to be divided 50-50. Many students eagerly looked forward to the new registration system and were very satisfied with the process. Other hated the new system and expressed strong dissatisfaction with the frequent buffering and second round of course registration, posting their complaints on the university support forum.

It’s clear, however, that the Basket System is innovative and a big improvement over the previous course registration process, which everyone seems to agree was terrible. Simultaneous login sessions used to slow down the process even further. Restricting users to only one login session at a time has been a very nice solution. The Basket System is generally faster and easier but not without its problems. What is done in the second round of course registration could be done in the first. A second round is unnecessary and a waste of time.

A perfect start to a web rollout this big may not exist, but there are still many bugs to fix in our university’s Basket System. The administration needs to take student complaints seriously and improve the process. Registering for classes has improved, but it can be even better.

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