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Cheerleaders need your support

Members of student cheerleading club Mei Hua strike a finishing pose during a practice session. (Photo: Charles Ian Chun)

With the popularity of K-Pop dancing, it should be no surprise cheerleading has also caught on in Korea. A student cheerleading club at Kangnam University, however, only started last year. Mei Hua, Chinese for “plum blossom” was started by Soo-jung…

Clear the dance floor!

Kangnam University’s student club All Clear is headlining a dance party this Thursday at 6:00 p.m. in Wooweon Hall. Rock club The Sea (더씨) and hip-hop clubs Flow Dabbler and Ow2-Chim will open.

Teach Korean and make new friends

Do you know Korean? Do you like teaching? Want to make new friends? The Global Lounge in Shalom Hall (샬롬관) is looking for volunteers to help international students learn more about the Korean language and culture. All you need is…

A passion for English

More and more students realize how important English is and are always trying hard to improve their English ability and get a high score on English exams. There are many ways to study English. Students can study on their own,…