Are you a Facebook type or a Twitter type?

Facebook or Twitter?

Recently, the number of people who have made IDs for Facebook and Twitter has increased. I’ve also had a Facebook ID, but I don’t have a Twitter ID.

Then, do you think everyone likes to go on Facebook and Twitter? The answer is no.

These two Social Network Services (SNS) have many things in common. They are easy, quick, and can be used in real time.

These two SNSs also have differences. First, Twitter users must write their “tweets” within 140 characters, but Facebook users can write as much as they want. Second, Twitter is more open than Facebook. As a result Facebook pages have fewer bad replies than Twitter pages. This is because friends on Facebook are probably actual friends. Therefore they can’t post bad opinions easily. Third, Facebook has more information about each user than Twitter.

Psychologists have found personality differences between Facebook users and Twitter users. These are the results. The first part is related to social activity. In the first part, Facebook users are usually young. So, they use Facebook to soothe their loneliness. However in the first part, Twitter users have high social activity, but low integrity.

How about you? Do you have an ID? Are you a Facebook type or a Twitter type?

Whichever you choose, make sure your page reflects the real you!

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