Clicking away in Busan

Bookstore Alley, Busan (PHOTO: Kim Da-hye)

Bookstore Alley, Busan
(PHOTOS: Kim Da-hye)

Last month I traveled to Busan with my best friend Jo Ha-rim. While planning this special trip I was sometimes excited and sometimes afraid because this was my first time going on a trip without any adults. However, these kinds of worries gradually went away by the time I boarded the train. They were completely gone once I sat in my seat. My traveling partner and I wanted this trip to be a special memory in our lives and a reminder of our friends, so we planned a video of our journey.

The Busan Museum, Haeundae, Nurimaru, Gwangalli, the international market, and Bookstore Alley were on our itinerary. In each place, our iPhone cameras couldn’t rest. We got nice videos and pictures because the iPhone works so well. Thank you, Steve Jobs! We uploaded our videos to Facebook in real time. Our travel video was so funny. It was popular with our Facebook friends.

International Market, Busan (PHOTO: Kim Da-hye)

International Market, Busan

My first trip was not perfect. It rained continuously the first day. But I think it was still an exciting trip. If you want to make your first trip special and joyful, I recommend doing it my way. You just click your camera or cell-phone. Then, you will have nice and special memories you can keep forever.

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