English Essay Writing Contest: Grand Prize

Lee Jin-man

Lee Jin-man

Most people want to have an experience in other countries. When I was in my early twenties, I had a chance to go to Inida that I heard from other people or read from books. It was my first time to live in another country. I entered to the Kodaikanal International School and traveled alone to India.

First of all, when I entered to the Kodaikanal International School, I couldn’t speak English well, so I took an ESL class. Also, I made a lot of friends there and school life was fantastic. It was not like life in Korea. I could choose subjects that I liked and the best thing was the activities on weekends. We had a canteen like a dance club where I could dance with my friends. Furthemore, we had a party like a prom. I went to the party with my partner. It was the happiest time in my life. Therefore, I learned how to talk to people in English and enjoy the party.

Secondly, I traveled alone in India. It was my first time to take a trip alone. I was a little afraid, but I started with my guidebook and backpack. Once I went to the train station, and then I bought a ticket. I didn’t know that there were beds on the train. It was comfortable. I went to a desert in Jaipure. It was beautiful and very cold. There were some animals such as dogs and deers. They were very pitiful because there was not enough food. I stayed for one night in the middle of the desert. I could see a lot of stars in the sky. It was gorgeous. The next morning, I came back to the city. Then I went to see some popular cities. There was a hotel on a lake in Udaipure. People could go there by ship. Even though I didn’t go inside, I saw a beautiful building beyond the lake. It was very beautiful. So I went there and had lunch in the hotel. When I came back to Korea, I found that the hotel is one of the best hotels in the world. It was a good experience for me. Therefore, I know how to travel alone and have a lot of experience for my life.

In conclusion, I learned a lot of things at the international school and on my trip. Nowadays, many people think about living in other countries. I suggest going to other countries. Then they will find a new life because even I had a good experience. Thus, do not hesitate and go to other countries for your life.

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