I like KISS. How about you?

Meeting with international students in the Global Lounge.

Meeting with international students in the Global Lounge.

International students at Kangnam University face various problems learning and socializing in their new environment, especially due to the lack of Korean language proficiency. The Kangnam International Student Society (KISS) devotes itself to the problems faced by international students and facilitates their learning through the following:

  1. KISS recognizes that each student is an integral part of the university and adheres to its important roles as guides and counselors. It helps students improve their Korean and boost their morale.
  2. It makes the students aware of available university facilities.
  3. It inspires creative and critical thinking and encourages foreign students to contribute their ideas for the improvement of society.
  4. It organizes different co-curricular and extra-curricular activities in order to discover their hidden potential in a systematic and disciplined way through the following programs:
  • MOVIE DAY – Recent Korean and English-language movies are shown every Tuesday in the Global Lounge. Free snacks are provided.
  • TUTORING – International students experiencing difficulty in their studies are tutored by Korean students twice a week.
  • CUISINE – KISS practices the culinary arts and sells international foods at our university’s festivals.
  • FRIENZ – Formerly called Buddy-Buddy, Frienz is a program that helps international students socialize and learn the Korean language with a Korean student.
  • CULTURAL TOUR – Each semester ends with a tour at a famous cultural site, offering international students a chance to experience the history, religion and culture of Korea.

A Bulgarian student who joined KISS last year said, “When I first came to this university, I didn’t know anything about the Korean language and culture. Through the [Frienz] program, I got a better understanding.”

KISS president Sae Na-ri wishes more students knew about the society and asks for their cooperation and participation. “I am really proud of KISS,” she said, “and hope it will meet the needs of every foreign student through various educational and cultural activities.

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