My path is All Clear!

All Clear rehearses (PHOTO: Aya Zhuma)

All Clear rehearses
(PHOTOS: Aya Zhuma)

All Clear is one of the biggest and most popular student clubs at Kangnam University. It was formed in 1997 by students who are remembered as the 1st generation.

One of the best dancers in All Clear is Temuka, a student from Mongolia. “I remember when I first came here,” he said. “I saw their performance and was inspired by them. So I decided to join the group. I wanted to learn how to dance and make a lot of new friends.”

When Temuka joined All Clear, he and other freshman became part of the 13th generation. The seniors in All Clear always help the juniors. Thanks to them, they can learn dancing basics like popping, waving, up-breaking, hip hopping and other movements.

Membership Training is a tradition for all freshmen at our university. The All Clear newcomers attended MT, where they became closer to each other and found new friends from other clubs such as the football team, basketball team, and the music bands.

All Clear performs at our university festivals in our university and on-campus parties. In addition, members take part in other concerts, dance battles, and competitions.

All Clear’s Annual Concert, however, is their biggest event. Just one month before the performance, the club breaks into teams. For whole month they prepare dance pieces, practicing almost day and night. They also learn from each other and become closer by sharing ideas.

All Clear performs at the Shim Jeon Scholarship Ceremony and Open House (PHOTO: Aya Zhuma)

All Clear performs at the Shim Jeon Scholarship Ceremony and Open House

All their hard work comes together on the day of the performance, which the members call D-Day. “When D-Day comes,” said Temuka, “we just show what we have and give all of our energy to our fans and the public. After we’re finished, we can’t breathe, and we’re exhausted. But when we hear the applause from the audience, we get recharged and inspired for our next performance. Then we realize this is why we dance.”

Anyone interested in joining All Clear can contact them during the first two weeks of each semester. There are no special requirements, so everyone should feel free to participate. Anyone interested in seeing them perform need only look around campus, where they are likely to find a poster advertising their next show.

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