Alumni association awards scholarships

Alumni Association Scholarship Conferment Ceremony

Alumni Association Scholarship Conferment Ceremony

Did you know that our university has a guardian angel like the Kangnam University Alumni Association? The alumni association at our university consists of alumni and professors. The alumni association conducted a scholarship conferment ceremony after selecting from among scholarship applicants. Let’s find out more about the alumni association at our university.

Alumni Association Scholarship Conferment Ceremony

On April 19th at 2 p.m. in the Main Hall at our university, the 2012 Alumni Association Scholarship Conferment Ceremony was held. President Baek Bong-hyeon (alumni association), Vice-President Oh In-jong (scholarship committee), Director Gan Ho-bae (scholarship committee), Chairman Lee Hae-gwan (scholarship committee) in addition to Bong Hu-jong of the organizational subcommittee, Director Goh Heung-bae (organizational subcommittee), Director of Planning Park Shin-gyu (organizational subcommittee), Vice-President Kim Won-chul (organizational subcommittee), Secretary General Sung Nak-do (alumni association) including members of the alumni association as well as Vice-Chancellor Yoo Yang-geun, Dean Kim Bong-ho (dean of students) and scholarship recipients were in attendance at this year’s ceremony. The ceremony began with the proceedings of Secretary General Sung Nak-do including introductions of the participants and a prayer followed by conferment of scholarships, welcoming address by President Baek Bong-hyeon and Vice-President Yoo Yang-geun, and a commemorative photo session.

There were a total of 132 students that applied for scholarships this year. The alumni association agreed to increase the number of scholarship recipients from 10 students to 15 students. The criteria for selecting the recipients were based on reasons for applying, academic plans, eligibility, and the previous semester’s GPA. Out of the 132 applicants, 15 were given scholarships. In addition, passion for one’s studies, and the sense of pride as a Kangnam University student were also taken into consideration given that this scholarship conferment ceremony was conducted by the alumni association. In particular, the majority of recipients not only had excellent grades, they also received awards as well as volunteered on and off campus. They were students who set a good example by actively participating in various activities.

The Past Meets the New Future

Like this, the alumni association is providing support in many ways. This is an organization founded by former students of Kangnam University and is providing support by granting scholarships to our students as well as strengthening the bond between alumni. The scholarship foundation is a department that is also affiliated with the alumni association. The following is a list of departments that have been established: College of Business Scholarship Foundation (Business Administration), Gyeongeui Scholarship Foundation (Economics), International Commerce Scholarship Foundation (International Commerce), Urban Engineering Scholarship Foundation (Urban Engineering), Theology Scholarship Foundation (Department of Theology), Early Childhood Education Scholarship Foundation (Early Childhood Education), Cheoin Scholarship Foundation (College of Liberal Arts), Special Education Scholarship Foundation (Department of Special Education), Public Administration Scholarship Foundation (Department of Public Administration). The majority of these scholarship foundations consist of professors from our university. In particular, this year commemorates the 65th anniversary of the Department of Social Welfare Scholarship Foundation. The alumni association provides support in areas such as employment by collaborating with the 1 student 1 alumni employment recommendation campaign offered by the Employment Information Center. As such, the alumni association is providing support by granting scholarships as well as providing assistance with regard to employment issues. Baek Bong-hyeon has taken over the position as president of the alumni association as Lee Jung-moon, former president of the alumni association has stepped down after 4 years of service. President Baek Bong-hyeon stated, “I hope that our alumni will continue to build stronger relations by promoting fellowship and unity.”

Many of our students are experiencing hard times lately with the economic recession. Secretary General Sung Nak-do commented, “Scholarships were funded from money raised by the alumni and monetary donations from graduates in the first semester of their senior year along with money raised by members of the alumni association. It is our hope that students who received these scholarships will make a difference at our school and contribute to the world at large.” Let’s keep an eye out for what the alumni association has in store.

Translated by Julia Kim

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