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"Reflection" by Suh Do-ho, Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art (PHOTO: Lee Su-hyun)

“Reflection” by Suh Do-ho, Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art
(PHOTO: Lee Su-hyun)

Despite the summerlike heat a few Sundays ago, art enthusiasts lined up to see Suh Do-ho’s exhibit “Home Within Home” at the Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art. Suh, well known for his interesting point of view reflected in his installation art, is already world famous. His works such as “Han-ok” have already been shown in museums around world and at the Venice Biennale International Exhibition.

“Home Within Home” expresses Suh’s feelings about the home. Born and raised in Seoul, he traveled around the world for his art. He makes use of his experiences of living in other homes and cultures to inspire his work. In an April 2009 Navercast interview, he explained that his art tries to express relationships and communication through the home. Through “Home Within Home” Suh shows the strong connections between Korean and foreign cultures.

The most attractive feature of his artwork is his use of various materials. His installations are made with fabric, cotton thread, stainless steel, and even video technology. Visitors can enter renditions of his previous homes in Korea, Berlin, and New York, which he has made from polyester and silk. Stepping into one feels like being in an elaborate tent!

Art critics see Suh Do-ho as the next Paik Nam-june — someone who can bring Korean culture and art to the attention of the world. Those interested in seeing “Home Within Home” for themselves had better hurry as the exhibit ends June 3.

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