Written in the stars?

Bikash KC gets a reading from fortune teller Baek Ho (left). (PHOTO: Lee No-shin)

Bikash KC gets a reading from fortune teller Baek Ho (left).
(PHOTO: Lee No-shin)

Astrology is the study of how the planets and stars directly influence our lives. While some find it interesting and compelling, others find it absurd. I’ve never been a fatalist, but I wondered what astrology had to say about me.

A few weeks ago I went to visit a famous Korean fortune teller at Saju Café Q in Seoul. Baek Ho has appeared on KBS and SBS, so I was very excited and a little frightened to hear what he had to say about my future. Mr. Baek asked my name and date and time of my birth. He then consulted his almanac. After a few minutes, he told me, “You have strong self-esteem. And you have a strong desire for money.” He also suggested I get married between 29 and 32, but not to a “wild girl.” Finally, he advised me to switch majors from Engineering to Business.

Being from Nepal, however, I wanted know what astrologers back home would have to say. With great curiosity, I had a friend in Nepal contact the famous astrologer Manarath Nepal. Interestingly, Mr. Nepal made similar predictions about my future.

Astrologer Manarath Nepal

Astrologer Manarath

I was surprised to learn there were only minor differences between Eastern and Western astrology. Although the systems in both countries draw their predictions from the positions of celestial bodies, Mr. Baek referred to an almanac filled with calculation charts while Mr. Nepal referred to a Cheena, a rectangular diagram that shows the degree of influence our planets have on those born under a particular Zodiac sign. I happen to be a Leo.

I don’t know if the planets and stars have any effect on my life. I think a successful life comes from hard work. I’ve always had generous people who have helped me through adversity. Surely they’ve had a bigger impact. Still, whether or not you believe in astrology, it doesn’t hurt to get another opinion.

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