EDITORIAL: Beautiful Eyes

Since the dawn of history, human beings have built and shaped the world. The world is the externalization of the true nature of human beings. Within the world, the physical body and psyche of humans are projected. Even the desks and chairs in the classrooms reflect the physical structure of humans.

The human desire to go above and beyond transformed into automobiles serving as their feet and computers as their brain. This also pertains to the eyes.

The eyes are the most important and the most beautiful organ of the human body. This is because the eyes contain “light.” Goethe in his Theory of Colours stated, “If the eyes are not like the sun, then how can we see light?” As such, the glorification of the eyes related to light was already discovered in the concept of Plato’s “Idea.” The word “idea” means “all that is shown.” The eyes constantly want to see anything in sight because human beings feel a sense of pleasure just at the fact that they are looking at something. Videos have been created out of this desire. The word “video” means “I see.”

However, the human desire to “possess and dominate” what is seen is enlarged through the eyes is greater even going beyond the desire to “enjoy.” The quote, “vini, vidi, vici” translated as, “I came, I saw, I conquered” exemplifies the correlation between the eyes and possessive nature of human beings. To the Romans, the act of seeing signified occupation and dominance. This human desire led to the invention of the modern telescope and microscope. Those that saw farther with the telescope and saw clearly with the microscope were those that had more power and dominion over others. The very existence of eyes that saw farther and more clearly has been traditionally called a “god” by the people. Zeus from Mount Olympus or the god Odin from Valhalla Palace looked down on the mortals with their enormous eyes. Nobody could avoid his eyes which in modern times is equivalent to cameras and smart phones that are everywhere. These eyes are like “The Eyes of Argos” sent by the goddess Hera to keep a close eye on Zeus.

As such, modern society is filled with eyes that want to look at many things at a greater distance and clarity. People in modern times are always looking amongst themselves and everywhere to gain more power and authority and these eyes are in constant motion. However, these eyes do not have any “depth.” True beauty is not these “busy” eyes, but eyes with a sense of depth. The reason why eyes have “light” is due to the fact that eyes reflect the deepest and most intimate human existence. This is not gained through the eyes changing its form through authority. These “deep eyes” can only be possessed through hard work and self-development. These eyes do not hurt others but are, in actuality, liberating. For these eyes, it is essential to reflect on oneself from deep within and to close those busy eyes and eyes of power and authority. Only then can we truly encounter our deep eyes.

It is a joy to see people with these deep eyes like the autumn sky. I hope to be able to see these beautiful eyes more often on campus.

Translated by Julia Kim

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