Korea’s aid to Namuna Machhindra School, Nepal

Student members of the Korean Universities Council for Social Service help Namuna Machindra School.

Under the leadership of Kangnam University, the Korean Universities Council for Social Service, a team of young aspiring students from different Korean universities, made their third visit to Namuna Machhindra High School in Lagankhel, Lalitpur, Nepal on 3 August 2012.

Professor Park Hyo-chun of Kangnam University led the team of 27 students whose aim was to provide help in the science and health sectors of different academic institutions. Moreover, they have developed a cordial relationship with Nepalese students and gained an understanding of the dynamic cultures of Nepal.

The team at Namuna Machhindra school performed maintenance services at the hostel and its toilets and supplied office furniture and science equipment. In the school, they helped disabled students make paper flowers and other crafts while also providing assistance to the student council for the mentally disabled.

Ribbon-cutting ceremony at hostel after toilets are repaired

Prof. Park said the team visits Nepal twice a year in January and August. Team manager Kang Tae-woo and coordinator Bikash Kc expressed their great delight in being able to help.

Machhindra Principal Radha Tiwari expressed appreciation for the team’s kind support and effective implementation and feels greatly indebted to the whole team at Kangnam University. Suman Devkota, a student from Class 9 said, “We have got a chance to obtain a great deal of information from them.”

The council has also taken initiatives in establishing a new department for special education at Tribhuvan University, Kirtipur. Plans are also underway to establish relations with Kathmandu University, Banepa.

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