Review: Brazen Family

Brazen Family


At first, you won’t know why this play is called “Brazen Family”. You will think it is a strange title. However, you will understand what it means eventually. The characters in the family experience pain and become brazen to survive. By the end, they deeply regret their behavior. Audiences will probably find that this play and its characters show similarities to their own lives. Although Brazen Family is a comedy, it is also much more. Watching this play helped me realize we often have to look out for ourselves to survive. We have to be wise and find the answers to life’s basic questions. This play has lots of simple fun, but also teaches some important lessons. While watching the play, I not only laughed but cried. You will enjoy this play, too. The hearty laugh of the shaman is especially funny. Audience members took a quiz at the end of the play. Those who got the correct answer received a small gift. So pay attention! Brazen Family is playing at Art Theater Mu:n in Daehangno (대학로) until the end of the month.

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