Month: November 2012

Election week wraps up

Preparing to cast a vote in Shalom Hall (PHOTO: Lee Su-hyun)

This week ends two weeks of student elections. Last week students voted for the president and vice president of the student council. This week students are voting for student presidents and vice presidents of the various departments at Kangnam University.…

A masterclass with Davide Formisano

Davide Formisano teaches a masterclass with students of Philipp Jundt at the German School of Music Weimar, Kangnam University

Italian flutist Davide Formisano begins a series of masterclasses with students of German School of Music Weimar Professor Philipp Jundt in Kangnam University’s Concert Hall. He will be playing a recital this Saturday at the Seoul Arts Center Recital Hall.

Davide Formisano Flute Recital

Davide Formisano Flute Recital 1 Dec 2012

“Davide Formisano is probably the most famous player in Europe at the moment.” –  German School of Music Weimar Professor Philipp Jundt Davide Formisano, principal flutist of the Orchestra of La Scala in Milano and Professor of Flute at the…