A quest for peace

(SOURCE: iStockphoto)

(SOURCE: iStockphoto)

Unipeace are a group of university students who want to make a better world. Members of the group are interested in peace and everyone in the world getting along. To awaken people to their ideas, they held a seminar on September 27 at Kyunghee University. They have held fifteen such seminars over the years.

This seminar covered the topic dong-go (同苦) or sharing one’s pain. Dong-go is not only feeling pity for others but also thinking about how you can help alleviate suffering. To introduce dong-go, Unipeace role-played two situations such as cheating on an examination and standing by while an elderly person needed help. They asked the audience how they would act if put in those situations. Audience members shared their thoughts in interviews.

Unipeace Peace Seminar 2012

At the seminar, the group talked about a specific action plan for peace. Nowadays, university students think a lot about grades, how to get a good job, how to live better lives than others, and so on. They don’t, however, think about other people. They asked the audience to think about what they would do to help those who are suffering.

By attending this seminar, the audience could realize many things they may have experienced but had never thought deeply about before. It was an eye-opening experience for many. Because so many people in this world are selfish, we have to make a better world by being more considerate of others.

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