Davide Formisano Flute Recital

“Davide Formisano is probably the most famous player in Europe at the moment.”

–  German School of Music Weimar Professor Philipp Jundt

Davide Formisano Flute Recital 1 Dec 2012

Davide Formisano, principal flutist of the Orchestra of La Scala in Milano and Professor of Flute at the University of Stuttgart, is teaching Masterclasses at German School of Music Weimar at Kangnam University until next week. See him play this Saturday at Seoul Arts Center (예술에 전당).

Place: Seoul Arts Center (예술에 전당), Recital Hall (리사이틀 홀)
Date:  Saturday 1 December 2012
Time:  7:00 p.m.
Admission: R 50,000 won S 30,000 won

Special Guests
Yoon Hyun-im and Philipp Jundt
Ji Seok-young

The availability of tickets at the discounted price of 30,000 won is limited. Students who wish to purchase tickets at this price should contact Professor Philipp Jundt at philjundt [at] aol.com.

Davide Formisano Flute Recital 1 Dec 2012

Davide Formisano Flute Recital 1 Dec 2012


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