Review: Belly Button

Belly Button

Do you need to laugh? Then see this play! The name of this play is “Belly Button”. The reason for this title is that it causes belly laughs. It is a real variety gag show that also invites audience participation. Before the show starts, an actor comes out, teaches a chant to the audience, and chooses one audience member to lead the chant. When the audience starts chanting, the show begins.

Belly Button is easy to understand, which allows the audience to get immersed in it. The show is two acts. But since it is not tightly scripted, there is a lot of ad-libbing.

The first act is a parody of the American drama “Lost”. Four people — a reverend, a monk, a pretty boy (who’s not actually that pretty), and a strange lady — survive a plane crash and are stranded on an island. The story is really funny! The funniest part is when the monk recites his Buddhist sutras. When the reverend starts singing hymns at the same time, the monk gets mixed up and can’t help but sing along.

The second act is a parody of “Friend”, the hit Korean movie. It covers the life of four friends who have been close since their school days. The ironic casting is especially effective. For example, the character played by the handsome Jang Dong-gun is given to the ugliest actor. Plus, the hilarious mangling of famous lines such as, “Am I your sidabari (underling)?” made the audience laugh nonstop.

Belly Button is a very funny show, producing laughter all throughout its 90-minute running time. If you go see it, you can also expect a prank or two to be played on you.

Belly Button is playing an open-ended run at Gangnam Art Hall (02) 537-5510.

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