“Healing” — Time to recharge

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The “28th Student Association Healing” (hereafter referred to as student association) hosted the Winter Training Program (hereafter referred to as training program) at Hanwha Resort in Pyeongchang, Gangwondo from February 13th to the 15th. In addition to the student association, the Women’s Student Council, the Club Federation, and members from various colleges at our university participated in this event. They spent time discussing and organizing the Freshmen Orientation that would be held on the 24th. This was a great chance for students to get to know one another.

Fulfilling promises

The first half of the training program began with a short speech given by Min Sang-hoon, Director of Academic Affairs. He offered words of advice by saying, “Stay grounded and make sure to work hard for the students.” Above all, he expressed hope that board members from various associations and councils would lead the students in the right direction. Next on the agenda was a status report given by the board members from each college as well as the student association. The student association shared the commitments already in progress and those planned for the future. The areas where the student association promised change are policies, facilities, welfare, and culture. For policies, President Yang Ha-eun (senior, Management) commented on the tuition freeze extension, which is still a work in progress, by saying, “We are in the middle of working on a tuition freeze, which will be under future discussion.”

With regards to facilities, liquid soap has already been supplied to each building. In addition, Student Hall has been undergoing reconstruction since the beginning of winter break. Moreover, “Dalguji” will continue and “continuous efforts will be made” for the operation of shuttle buses. In the area of welfare, improvements in facilities have been noticeable both on and off campus. Plans have been made to install night light fixtures as well as pathways for students residing in studio apartments. Finally, by sponsoring tickets for concerts and performances, the cultural life of our students will improve dramatically.

Freshmen-No exception

The student association made improvements in many areas for our soon to be freshmen at this year’s Freshmen Orientation. First of all, the headcount system at the outdoor grounds has been changed. This year, students gathered in the lobby of Shallom Hall before leaving for the orientation. Soy milk was provided to the students since many of the students had skipped breakfast. In addition, feminine napkins were provided to female students and toiletries were provided to all of the students. Drinks to cure hangovers were provided for those students that drank too much the night before. Taking the cold weather into consideration, there were not many outdoor activities during this year’s orientation. As such, the orientation was a chance for students to recharge their batteries and give them a boost of energy. Despite these efforts, there were some glitches here and there with time delays and so forth.

“Healing” tried to provide a recharging experience for students before the start of the new semester. And although everything wasn’t perfect, it wasn’t enough to diminish their passion. Let’s see what the 28th Student Association has in store for us.

Translated by Julia Kim

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