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Members of KISS receive orientation on the Friends and Assistants Teaching Korean programs. (PHOTOS: Han Jini and Ryu Ji-sun)

Members of KISS receive orientation on the Friends and Assistants Teaching Korean programs.
(PHOTOS: Han Jini and Ryu Ji-sun)

The Kangnam International Student Society, or KISS, is back! “This semester, KISS is offering four valuable programs,” says new president Ryu Ji-sun (junior, Practical Chinese Studies).

First is Movie Day. It has become a biweekly event this semester. It is either on a Tuesday or Thursday at 2:40 pm in the Global Lounge. KISS shows the latest Korean and foreign movies from a variety of genres. Don’t worry, the movies are subtitled. Look for flyers around campus so you never miss a Movie Day.

Second is Friends. Friends is a program that helps international students understand and adapt to Korean culture. It focuses on going to places and seeing the sights, so it’s easy for students to enjoy.

Assistants Teaching Korean is another great program by KISS that helps international students to improve their Korean language skills.

KISS also participates in the university festivals. They will prepare various foreign foods and hold special events during the three-day festival later this month. “For this festival,” says Ryu, “we will sell Indian foods like curry and naan and let students experience a tea ceremony or wear a hanbok, the Korean traditional costume. The profits will be donated to World Vision.”

All students are welcome to drop by the Global Lounge on Movie Day and during the festival. However, international students who would like to receive help through Friends or Assistants Teaching Korean need to apply beforehand.

The Global Lounge is a comfortable and open place for all Kangnam University students, whether Korean or from another country. Everyone is welcome to visit, talk with other students, watch TV or movies, read many of the books available, use their computers, listen to music, study, do homework or take a nap on one of their comfortable sofas. The Global Lounge and KISS are “a good opportunity to make all kinds of friends,” says Ryu. “You can make precious memories, and it’s always open. Please come and enjoy.”

The Kangnam International Student Society (PHOTO: Han Jini)

The Kangnam International Student Society

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