How we spent the summer

Summer vacation no longer means what it used to. In the old days, students enjoyed their freedom and relaxed. But nowadays even elementary school children don’t waste their time. Mothers cannot tolerate their children just playing during a school break, and children don’t want to spend their time pointlessly either. It is not different for middle and high school students, who are always busy trying to catch up to their classmates or preparing for their university entrance exam.

What about university students? They also want to make the most of their summer. Only this time, there is no one to tell them what to do. University students are no longer children. They are adults who can plan their schedules themselves. Whether their plans go smoothly or not depends on them.

2nd-year student Na-rin achieved her goal of getting higher than a score of 80 on her TOEFL test and tutoring high school students in English. 2nd-year student Tae-yoon earned enough money from his part-time jobs to visit Jeju Island, where he participated in the Rice Wine Public Relations Event hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.

Not everyone was able to do what they wanted. 3rd-year student Gi-seok’s plans to go on a trip with his best friends fell apart because of a lack of funds. A part-time job worked against Korean Language and Literature student, Hyun-joo, who didn’t have enough time to catch up on her studies or go to the beach.

Some students enjoyed their summer without being driven by goals. Early childhood education student Su-min spent the summer with her new boyfriend making romantic memories. Even Narin made time in her busy schedule to get on a train with her boyfriend and explore the country.

A good summer break can come in many forms. For students the only boring summer break is one spent at home doing nothing. Just about everyone, however, spends the end of summer the same way: worrying about their classes for the upcoming semester. They will have to get up early again, suffer the daily commute, study for exams. But we all know we can go back to our old routine.

Did your summer go as planned? We invite you to share your experiences online.

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