Taking that first step

Students enjoy the festivities at Kangnam University's Freshman Orientation week at Pyeongchang Hanhwa Resort. 25 Feb 2014 (Photo: Han Sol E)

Students enjoy the festivities at Kangnam University’s Freshman Orientation week.
(Photo: Han Sol E)

About 1,500 freshmen and 800 students attended Kangnam University’s Freshman Orientation (OT) week February 24-26 at Pyeongchang Hanhwa Resort. Over three days and two nights, new students learned about how things are done at Kangnam University while making friends and enjoying the festivities. Student clubs were on hand welcome the incoming students and recruit new members. A surprise special appearance was made by hip-hop artists Bumkey and Defconn. Three days and two nights went by fast, but KNU’s new students are sure to remember this impressive start for a long time to come.

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