Martín is a master stylist

Badke Quartet with Maximiliano Martín - Brahms and Mozart Clarinet Quintets

A year after the release of his stellar performance of Brahms clarinet sonatas, international clarinet soloist Maximiliano Martín has returned to reinterpret beloved clarinet quintets.

Both Mozart and Brahms wrote their quintets for the top clarinetists of their day, Anton Stadler and Richard Mühlfeld, respectively. Martín’s superb tone and styling proves he’s in the right company. When playing Mozart he seems to produce brightly colored threads that run brilliantly up and down the tight and precise yet highly spirited weaving of the Badke Quartet’s tapestry.

The Brahms quintet is expressed with such depth and vulnerability, there are moments when the heart aches. Simply beautiful!

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