Recharge at the Healing Zone

Students study and relax at the Healing Zone.(Photo: Charles Ian Chun)

Students study and relax at the Healing Zone in Shalom Hall.
(Photo: Charles Ian Chun)

April is a very busy month in which midterm exams are the focus. They are the first exams for freshmen and the first big challenge of the semester for everyone else.

During exams students can relax and enjoy the flowers on campus and study in the main library. The library’s reading room, however, is far too small to accommodate many students. Students wander from place to place — the café, empty classrooms — looking for a quiet place to study.

Those wandering students may want to try the Healing Zone next time. The Healing Zone, located on the first floor of Shalom Hall, is a great place to relax. It was built by the last student council Healing. “It was the last present from Healing to students,” says Um Young Sic, chief of Cclim’s student welfare committee, vice chairman of Healing’s student welfare committee, and Silver Industry major, Class of 2010. “The Healing Zone is a place for students who want to study and relax. It was Healing’s campaign pledge, and we fulfilled it.”

The Healing Zone is open from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Desks line the walls with LAN cable ports and electrical outlets for laptop computers. There are also plenty of tables and chairs to help students relax.
The Healing Zone even has a conference room with a conference table, chairs, and a large whiteboard supplied with markers. It’s a good place to rehearse presentations and work on group projects. Students who wish to use the conference room must sign up for a time slot on the calendar posted on the conference room door. There are no time limits for using the conference room, though students are asked to respect the needs of others.

Despite the casual atmosphere, the Healing Zone is not a café. So, food and drinks are not allowed. But students do not have to quiet as they do in the library.

“The Healing Zone is a good place to study and relax,” says one student. “During my break time, I usually come here. Unfortunately, my major lecture rooms are in another building. I wish there was a Healing Zone there.”

At present the only Healing Zone is in Shalom Hall. Additional Healing Zones are being planned for other buildings as part of Kangnam University’s effort to help students study more comfortably.

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