Message from the Vice-President of the 30th Student Council BEAT

I am a proudly dedicated 4th-year student with high hopes of making our university a place where students want to learn. With your support, I stand before you as the Vice-President of the 30th Student Council BEAT.

Frankly speaking, I was surprised when I heard the news of my election. I have always dreamed of becoming a member of the student council since my first year here at Kangnam University. Your vote matters and I will fulfill my duties as the new vice-president to the best of my ability. I promise to live up to your expectations based on my solid experience as a member of the student council. Furthermore, I am confident that I will use my passion and experience to realize the goals I have set forth before you all. I will practice what I preach and do my utmost best for one year as the new vice-president. Thank you.

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