Aid to Nepal earthquake victims

I’m forwarding on this email from KNU’s very own Nepali student. His name is Mr Baikuntha Acharya. He is actually a Nepali government official but also a victim of the earthquakes (that is, his family has been affected). So he’ll be going back home briefly to take care of his family and country. Many Korean professors and KNU church members have offered to support Nepal through him. If you feel moved to give any of the items he lists, including cash, KNU church will be collecting it and passing it on to Mr Acharya. You can give it to me also and I make sure it gets to him before he leaves. We want to make sure that when he leaves on Monday morning he will have with him at least one additional suitcase of helpful supplies, but we will continue to give to Nepal after he leaves by delivering supplies to the Nepal Embassy in Seoul.

Grace and Peace in Christ,

Email from Baikuntha Acharya:
Since 25th April, 2015 earthquakes have continuously and frequently been taking place in Nepal. Due to this Nepal has lost many things. Millions of the people are now homeless, more than 160 thousand of buildings are collapsed, more than 10 thousand people have passed away and more than 50 thousand people are injured. It was an unexpected natural disaster. Now we can not easily assume the loss of property.

Yesterday KNU organised a worship program for the quick recovery for Nepal and Nepali people. Really, I am very happy for that program. After the service we also participated at a meeting with the Pastor Lee Junwoo including you, was very nice. The pastor is very kind and eager to help Nepal willingly, that was his greatness and kindness in these panic-filled days in Nepal. You have my sincerest thanks for that.

I want to advise you of the following items which are very useful for the earthquake victims in Nepal. It is not better to fix the donation quantities along with it, it depends up on the donors who want to donate willingly. So I want to suggest here only the name of useful items for Nepal.

1. Tents
2. Small Torch light
3. Clothes (size Medium) ex: t-shirt and shorts or training clothes
4. Lunch for some victimized peoples (cash)

Now, I am a student of this university. My family in Nepal is a victim of earthquake. My house is cracked and my family is passing the daily life out of my home. So I suddenly decided to go to Nepal for the rescue of my family as well some victimized relatives. I am leaving Korea on 11th May, 2015 through Korean Airlines.

I think, at the time of distributing the donation, it will be better to offer some lunch packs to them together, for that some cash donation will be important. There will be some cost for quick delivery and transportation, so it will be better to manage some money for the transportation. Goods will be distributed immediately with some programs. It will be better to hand over that donation package only for the government representatives of Nepal or through the embassy of Nepal. If somebody provides us that donation material through any channel rather than the government representatives, there will be a little risk for proper settlement. So that, the targeted group may or may not be benefited by that donation in time.

An official letter is needed with the donation material by stating the name and quantity of the donated materials. It will help to clear the customs in Nepal. If any donor can donate a big money, he/she can donate through the Nepal Embassy.

Nepal government and the people of Nepal will be grateful if any person/organization donates willingly the above mentioned items for the earthquake victims. They are my own suggestions and advice to the donors and their manager. There might be difficulties to deliver more clothes. I heard, there is a great need of Tents and small torch lights. Clothes other than some t-shirts and shorts are very hard for the delivery.

Please feel free to read this mail for helping the Nepal and Nepali people who have been suffering from the big earthquake.
Thank you,

Baikuntha Acharya

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