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Review of The Intern

The Intern - movie poster (Korea)

The Intern, released on September 24 stars Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway. In the movie, online clothing retail company run by Jules (Hathaway) starts from her kitchen but gains more than 200 employees in only 18 months. Retired 70-year-old widower Ben (De Niro) applies for the senior internship of her company in order to stay productive.

After the interview, Ben becomes her intern. When he doesn’t hear from his new boss for a few days, he learns how to use a computer, does a variety of tasks at work, and gives advice to the younger staff when they need it.

Later Ben becomes Jules’s driver and an even bigger help to her. It turns out Jules has two big problems. One is that she needs to find a new CEO for her company, as it keeps getting bigger and needs more experienced CEO. Another is her husband Matt, who keeps house instead of Jules and is cheating on her.

The Intern is quite touching. It is also instructive not only to university students and graduates preparing for employment but also current office workers. You see the importance of being passionate, a good employee, and a good boss. As you watch, you realize the truthfulness of the movie’s tagline, “Experience never gets old.”

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