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At the beginning of the year, the popular video streaming service Netflix expanded their network to include Korea. It will be interesting to see whether Netflix catches on in a big way. Viewers here are notoriously efficient at illegally distributing the latest movies and TV shows complete with subtitles, making a service like Netflix redundant.

In an effort to court Korean subscribers, there is an impressive array of Hollywood blockbusters not available on Netflix in the US. The catalogue of Korean movies and TV shows is likely to grow dramatically as well.

One way Netflix may offer a much-needed service in Korea is through their extensive offering of stand-up comedy specials. Just as language is vital to understanding a culture, that culture’s humor is also crucial and arguably more elusive. The humor in stand-up comedy routine is quite different from that of a gag concert. The videos available on Netflix have subtitles in Korean. And although they may not decipher a joke completely, they may go a long way in helping. Those who wish to better understand western culture may want to give these stand-up comedy specials a try.

Recommendations for comedians available on Netflix in Korea: John Mulaney, Demetri Martin, Jen Kirkman, Tom Segura, Aziz Ansari, Kevin Hart, and Russell Peters.

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