Live Your School Days Well

I can certainly tell that there are people who do nothing after admission into university. For those who don’t know what to do, I would like to briefly recommend three things you should do during your school days.

First, try part time jobs. I don’t recommend that you do work rather than your studies because students must do their school work. But having experiences with part time jobs is special. It is physically hard to earn money, so that teaches you about the value of money. After you have felt how hard it is to earn money, you will have economic concepts in mind, too. Also, jobs allow us to pay for things by ourselves instead of getting allowance from parents.

Second, travel a lot. As you know, there are many things we learn by traveling through the world. It must be a good chance to understand and respect other country’s culture. I traveled to quite a lot of countries. Each country has its own attractions and my heart felt full when those attractions were right in front of me. Thanks to this experience, my life’s goal has changed and it is a priceless experience for me. Of course you can travel when you become older and wealthier, but I think making memories with your friends when you are a student is more meaningful. It can be a turning point in your life.

Lastly, do academic work and join a club. I know traveling and playing are also important for you, but we must do our school work and prepare for employment after graduation. We have to prepare for our future from now on. Search for the things you would like to do in your future. In my case, I like foreign languages so I’m studying for it. Also participate in a club and meet many friends. I really agree with the saying, “Good friends are your asset.” You can learn things by meeting other people.

In conclusion, my advice to you is try part time jobs, traveling, participating in a club, and studying hard. Somehow it seems to be greedy to fulfill everything, but if you do so, your days during school will be worthy to look back on in the future.

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