The Organic Vending Machine

An apple vending machine appeared in the cafeteria this Spring. Photo: Dong Sun Choi

An apple vending machine appeared in the cafeteria this Spring.
Photo: Dong Sun Choi

I have seen a lot of surprising things in my life but I have never seen a vending machine vending apples. To tell the truth, it was more surprising than the pond in Kangnam University that looked like someone “accidentally” dropped a cup of unlimited green tea in it.

My first encounter with this mysterious vending machine was way back when I had my first lunch at the school cafeteria. After a satisfying lunch, I was returning my dishes when something big caught the corner of my eye. By the look of it, it was a vending machine that had two types of products. There were single apples in plastic wrappings for 1,200 won and apple juice in plastic containers for 1,000 won.

However, by looking around I could tell that this vending machine was not popular. At least for a poor university student, paying over 1,000 won for a single apple is naturally not a wise choice. Also, buying an apple from the school cafeteria feels like going all the way to MacDonald’s to buy a salad.

Eventually, I brought an apple to eat in class but I had to face some other problems too. Ultimately, munching an apple noisily in class was my one-way ticket for getting kicked out of class. Also cleaning my sticky fingers and getting rid of the leftover apple core was no joke. I had to go all the way back to the cafeteria to dispose my leftover core.

I think the school’s aim to give students a healthy opportunity is a great thing. Far away from home, we seem to care less about our health by eating junk food because it is more convenient. But by installing an apple vending machine, the school is giving the students a healthy alternative.

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