Visual art and Klimt

Popular art piece of Klimt Inside. Photo: Claudia Grey

Popular art piece of Klimt Inside.
Photo: Claudia Grey

Following the success of Van Gogh: Festival of Lights and Music, this last season has been all about Klimt Inside, a visual art exhibition of Gustav Klimt’s art work, experienced from an angle never seen before.

This exhibition has been running since the 8th of August last year until the 18th of this past month. It remained opened to the public at S Factory for more than 7 months due to its incredible popularity. Furthermore, it was opened temporarily for about a week in Hyundai Department Store from April 20-26th.

Upon my visit to this well put-together exhibition, I find out almost immediately why it has been displayed for so long. The outside view of the factory may not seem so tempting to set foot into, but when passing through the open gates  and a set of stairs leading to the second floor, right that moment your eyes adjust to the darkness to read “Welcome to Klimt Inside, go this way.” It’s fantasy music and flickering and flashing lights meets classic art.

Each room was an experience-full insta-worthy art display. There were these well-elaborated collage projections of Klimt’s art everywhere. The highlight of it was a flashy, colorful, mirror labyrinth-like piece and at the exit is Klimt’s most famous painting, “The Kiss.”

If Klimt’s exhibition opens again, or better to say when it opens again, I am doubtlessly going back again and so should you.

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