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Black Pink’s Jennie wearing a Reformation Red Klara dress, $218.
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Could this summer have been any hotter? Oh, boy!

While this season has been all about the classic off-the-shoulder look, a new rising star has taken over our closets: linen. Linen first stole our hearts with jackets then moved onto blouses and dresses.

One of the reasons is that this fabric offers high air permeability, allowing the body to breathe and stay fresh through those long hours of 38 degrees Celsius. And there’s a special brand that specializes in them. It is called Reformation.

Linen was worn by one of Korea’s up-and-coming fashion icons, Black Pink’s Jennie, who is also the new face of Chanel. Her appearance on a TV show wearing a red dress by Reformation has had all the girls in Korea talking, including myself.

A closer look at Reformation shows a huge variety of the cutest dresses ever, most of which are made of 100% linen. This LA brand puts a lot of emphasis not only on feminine designs but also on making sustainable clothing by reusing fabrics and vintage clothing. Reformation is well known to American it girls already and is a step away from becoming a cult fashion brand with global consumers. Look up their website and find out for yourself.

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