The wait is finally over!

A review of Incredibles II


The sequel we had been waiting for finally came to Korean movie theaters in July. It had been over a decade since the premiere of Incredibles, and many people had started feeling hopeless about the possibility of a second movie, or their hopes and expectations for the sequel had hit skyscraper dimensions. It was indeed a long wait for the fans. Was it worth it?

Under the direction of Brad Bird, who also wrote the script, this movie gets a 10 out of 10.
This time the movie’s plot takes a new modern approach, sort of a role switch between the heads of the Parr family. The mother Helen (Elastigirl) is no longer at home taking care of the kids, while Bob the father (Mr. Incredible) doesn’t have the pressure to be the family leader anymore. Instead both of them enjoy the possibility of doing what the other has done. The kids Violet and Dash are still at school right where the first movie left off, still learning how to deal with their powers and society (being a superhero is still illegal). The youngest child Jack-Jack, the cutest digital baby ever, finally reveals his true self, and steals the show. It was obvious he would have powers, but they still took me by surprise!
The animation and visual effects were on point, on display in great scenes that looked superb. And that hair technology, used for the first movie, was used once again here. It is called Full Fidelity Hair, and it gives all the characters the finest hair I’ve ever seen on the screen.

As the movie more deeply explores the difficulties illegal superheroes suffer, the Parr family tries not only to fight supervillains but also help a community that has banned and looked down on them for years. Thumbs up to the Parrs!

I haven’t known Koreans to express their feelings openly in public. Therefore Korean movie theaters are not really lively even when screening a horror flick. Yet on a Wednesday morning when Incredibles II was being screened, there were awes and laughs, real proof the audience was alive. In Korea the movie was number one as soon as it premiered, with nearly 1.5 million people paying to see it in just six days. Doubtlessly, Pixar have outdone themselves again.

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