Author: Claudia Grey

I'm from Lima, Peru. I am currently studying English Literature at Kangnam University after having studied Korean for a full year. I am into fashion, dystopian books, sports (especially swimming), traveling, and experiencing new cultures!

The wait is finally over!


A review of Incredibles II The sequel we had been waiting for finally came to Korean movie theaters in July. It had been over a decade since the premiere of Incredibles, and many people had started feeling hopeless about the…

Visual art and Klimt

Popular art piece of Klimt Inside. Photo: Claudia Grey

Following the success of Van Gogh: Festival of Lights and Music, this last season has been all about Klimt Inside, a visual art exhibition of Gustav Klimt’s art work, experienced from an angle never seen before. This exhibition has been…

Too scary for you?

The Conjuring 2

A review of The Conjuring 2 They say summer is the perfect time to stay cool watching horror movies. Tons of them came out the last couple of months, most of them not so good. The Conjuring 2, however, almost…

Mix and match

Style: Fall 2016 - Mix and match

Once again, with the beginning of the semester and the change of seasons, we find ourselves worried about what to wear. But worry no more! I share some tips on looking chic and retro. Retro? Yes! This back-to-school fashion tip…