Author: Eldin Husic

Department of Liberal Arts, Kangnam University

Namaste – A Success Story

The Kangnam Hakbo Nov2015 - Local Indian restaurant Namaste owner Anwar Kim and his family. Photo: Eldin Husic

Last month was the opening day of Namaste, the first real Indian restaurant in our neighborhood. I went there and was pleasantly surprised. My family has always been a big fan of Indian cuisine and would frequently drive to Seoul…

Camping in Korea

Camping with the family at a site near Gangreung. Photo: Eldin Husic

When I think of camping, I see two people sitting on a blanket in front of a small tent, sipping on wine, and looking at a sunset. It is a peaceful and relaxing sight. In my experience, camping in Korea…

Musicians Wanted!

The Light perform at the 2nd Suwon Open Mic, Alleyway Taphouse. February 2015. (Photo courtesy of Alleyway Taphouse)

Hello and welcome to Kangnam University! Most of us are here to work and study and we have very busy lives. However, all work and no play makes us very dull people. For this reason, it is very important to do things…