Author: Jini Han

Major: English Literature I'm from Suwon. I want to be an English master. Interests: watching movies, listening to music, singing, meeting people, taking pictures, and traveling.

A touching and instructive movie

The Intern - movie poster (Korea)

Review of The Intern The Intern, released on September 24 stars Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway. In the movie, online clothing retail company run by Jules (Hathaway) starts from her kitchen but gains more than 200 employees in only…

The 35th Night of English Literature

The Kangnam Hakbo Nov 2015 - A scene from Molière's "The Pretentious Young Ladies at the 35th Night of English Literature. Photo: Jini Han

The English Literature department holds its own big event every year. This year, the 35th Night of English Literature was held at the Education building of Kangnam University the evening of October 6, 2015. This event had two parts. In…

KISS again and again

Members of KISS receive orientation on the Friends and Assistants Teaching Korean programs.

The Kangnam International Student Society, or KISS, is back! “This semester, KISS is offering four valuable programs,” says new president Ryu Ji-sun (junior, Practical Chinese Studies). First is Movie Day. It has become a biweekly event this semester. It is…

“Study hard, play hard”

Lee Sang-gyu (left) and Byeon Gi-jeong raffle off chances to win prizes at the College of International Studies H.I.M. Inauguration Ceremony.

On April 4 the College of International Studies held their inauguration ceremony in the Education Hall auditorium. H.I.M. Student Council President Lee Sang-gyu (senior, Division of International Studies) and Vice President Byeon Gi-jeong (junior, Department of International Trade) hosted. The…

The world of part-timers


Having a part-time job has become a common experience for university students. They usually find a job as soon as they enter university. Some work two part-time jobs at the same time! University students have all kinds of jobs in…