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Recharge at the Healing Zone

April is a very busy month in which midterm exams are the focus. They are the first exams for freshmen and the first big challenge of the semester for everyone else. During exams students can relax and enjoy the flowers…

Cclim to offer a new experience

The new year has started — new students and a new life. It has also been the start of the 29th Student Council. Last year, as the 28th “Healing” Student Council’s term came to an end, Kangnam University’s students voted…

To the polls!

Campaign 2013 - Students vote for Kangnam University's student council president and vice president on the first floor of Shalom Hall. (Photo: Charles Ian Chun)

The first floor of Shalom Hall bustles with activity as students vote for Kangnam University’s student council president and vice president. Polls are open in most buildings on campus through the week.