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GSM violin student tours Europe

German School of Music violin professor Viktoria Kaunzner and student Juhee Im

Juhee Im, 2nd-year violin student at Kangnam University’s German School of Music, came back from a rare opportunity few music students in Korea are able to experience. Im spent more than two weeks in January touring with the Junge Bayerische…

The gift of music

German School of Music violin professor Viktoria Kaunzner poses with students and presents a donation of music from German composer Daniel Seel to be added to the GSM library. (Photo: Chun Min Ji)

Earlier today the German School of Music received a gift of music to be added to their library. In a brief ceremony at the German School of Music, violin professor Viktoria Kaunzner presented a donation of her own recordings and…

GSMW Chamber Music Concert

Seoul DS Hall (formerly Seoul Baroque Chamber Hall) Wednesday 10 December 2014 7:00 p.m. 서울 DS 홀 (서울바로크챔버홀) 서울시 서초구 서초동 1450-2 (02) 3473-2500

2014 GSMW Graduation Concert

Graduating students from the German School of Music Weimar will be holding a final concert tomorrow evening at Perigee Hall in Seoul. There is no charge for admission. All are invited to enjoy the performances by year’s group of outstanding…