The English Hakbo is looking for reporters!

The English Hakbo is always looking for new student reporters. You might be right for our staff if you:

  • are a regular reader of news;
  • can write in a clear and organized style;
  • understand the student point of view;
  • pay attention to things that happen at Kangnam University;
    • reporters often write on topics of their choice, although topics are often suggested by the editor
  • have some ability in English and Korean;
  • are able to take quality photographs;
  • are comfortable interviewing people;
  • take great notes and keep track of where you get information;
  • are able to meet deadlines;
  • take pride in doing something well;
  • check messages regularly and can respond quickly;
  • can attend monthly meetings.

This is a paid position. If you are interested, fill out the contact form below and you will be contacted soon. Thank you!

Charles Ian Chun
Editor, English edition

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